5 Suitable Tour Locations Choice in Labuan Bajo for Travelers

Do you have plans to fly to Labuan Bajo? For most people, the main purpose when on vacation to this place must have crossed into Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Long Buaya, and Loh Liang. These places are the original habitat of ancient animals that live only there, Komodo. But actually, there are many other attractions that are not less exciting, like Wae Rebo, where traditional houses are located on the hill. Only, for those of you who come with children, it is not recommended to there because it must travel quite a long way on foot. But if you are a cyclist, this place it will make you happy.

When you’re on Labuan Bajo travel, in addition to some popular tourist attractions, there are still many tourist attractions that are well worth visit for travelers. By coming to those places, you will not encounter the usual bustling tourist crowds as when it comes to popular tourist sites. Of course, the journey to get to these tourist sites will require more effort. However, this also can be an experience of its own as an unforgettable adventure during the journey.

  • Padar Island

Padar is the third largest island in the Komodo National Park area between Komodo and Rinca islands. Padar Island has a very beautiful beach and is one of the migration paths of Manta Ray. There, you will be spoiled with a phenomenal panoramic view of three beaches with different colors, namely Pink, White, and Black.

  • Gili Laba

Gili Laba is a strait of a meeting between two islands namely Gili Laba Darat and Gili Laba Laut. Not only a favorite dive spot, Gili Laba offers beautiful panoramic views both at sunrise and sunset.

  • Sano Naggoang Lake

Lake Sanonggoang is the largest volcanic lake in eastern Indonesia with an area of 513 hectares and an estimated depth of 500 meters. Golo Dewa peak is the best place to appreciatethe beauty of Sano Nggoang lake and the scenery around it. This area can be reached 45 minutes to 1 hour from the village of Nunang.

  • Mbeliling Mountain

The peak of Mount Mbeliling is one of the highest peaks in Labuan Bajo with an altitude of 1250 meters above sea level. The peak area is the best area for camping activities. This place is a living habitat for various species of birds, of which 2 are Flores endemic. In addition, there are several herbs commonly used by local people.

  • Pede Beach

Pede Beach is located in Gorontalo Village, approximately 1 km from Labuan Bajo with paved road access. With good road conditions, this beach is very easy to visit from Labuan Bajo. The scenery on this beach are very beautiful with long white sand and some small islands in the front of it.

Labuan Bajo accomodation are very complete, enough to make your vacation feel comfortable.For places to stay, there are many hotels with guaranteed quality of service. In addition, there is a market that sells various foodstuffs. If you want to enjoy local cuisine, you can visit the restaurants that serve local cuisine.It’s just that, for transportation you may need to rent a car or motorcycle so you can be easier when traveling.