Crowdfunding for Homeless People

The most basic need for any human being is having a roof overhead, yet for 1.77 million Indians, the skies are the roof. Come any weather, countless families of men, women and children lie on the sides of roads, on railway stations, and under flyovers. But a much greater problem lies in the turning away of the rest of us, desensitized to the pain and suffering of a very large majority of our citizens. As abundantly as we may discuss the larger problems in society that cause homelessness and poverty, it is the little initiatives that ease the passage of each day, that makes a huge difference to them – even something as small as them getting one simple meal a day.

Numerous successful crowdfunding campaigns have been run, to improve the lives of the homeless, but we still have a long way to go. So we’ve put together a few initiatives for how a crowdfunding India can positively impact the lives of the underprivileged.

Donate clothing and sanitary products for the homeless

Living without a home can’t be easy – you can use the funds from your online fundraising activities to purchase the bare necessities like sanitation products and clothes. This can go a long way in preventing the contraction and spreading of diseases.

Help a homeless person directly

Through donations you collect from your crowdfunding campaign, you can directly help one or more homeless people, in any and every aspect – be it food, shelter, employment of medical financial care.

Start a soup kitchen

There aren’t many soup kitchens in India, but if there were, they’d be full. Getting even one meal a day without scavenging through garbage bins is a huge deal to those who don’t know when and where their next meal will come from. By encouraging a crowdfunding India for an initiative like this, we can reduce risk of starvation.

Employment training for the homeless

Basic language and vocational training may be provided to help the homeless get jobs for themselves, and combat the glaring problem of an increasing number of unemployable youth. Many such initiatives have already been crowdfunded for, but another one will only take us one step ahead.

Health camps

Many areas in our country lack proper healthcare facilities, and a result, diseases spread. Building hospitals in remote areas is a great and noble cause, but it is also important to have short-term goals. Basic medical camps for health screenings and vaccinations are a step in the right direction.

Education opportunities

Through a crowdfunding initiative, you can either sponsor the education of one or more children, purchase education resources like books and stationary, or even run street study circles that can be attended by the homeless or underprivileged.

At Impact Guru, we recognize the immense potential and opportunities that can come out of a crowdfunding India. Therefore we urge anyone who might be encouraged to take up one such cause, to raise funds for it through a simple crowdfunding campaign on the Impact Guru website.