Dos and Don’ts for Muscle Gain Nutrition

Gaining muscle is not an easy task because there is so much conflicting information, and sometimes you just need to take a step back and look at the basics. These are the top absolute dos and the most absolute don’ts when it comes to nutrition, diet and supplements for muscle gain:


Learn – There is loads of information available directly from experts or from what you read on the Internet. Try to read and learn. By adapting this knowledge to achieve your goals, one can come up with a nutrition plan to suit him/her. One should remain open-minded and figure out what works for them.

Stick to the basics – Whether the goal is to lose fat, tone up, gain muscle, increase strength or simply be fit, always remember that it’s the basic principles that work.

Include high protein foods – Consume food regularly throughout the day that is high in quality protein. Food items high in protein include chicken, turkey, fish, red meat, eggs, milk and dairy products, nuts and beans.

Drink plenty of fluids – Lack of fluid is undoubtedly the most limiting factor for optimal performance in a hard work out. Water is the most fundamental nutrient, and yet many of us do not drink enough of it. Sip water all day and always have a drink with you.


Think you can get big without eating big – Don’t think that you can get big in a few weeks either. If one is trying to gain muscle, they need to eat enough to gain. To gain muscle one needs to be in calorie and protein surplus. Eating good quality protein and carbohydrate foods regularly through the day is necessary.

Cut out all fat from your diet – For a healthy diet and optimal gain, one needs to eat some fat. Fat is essential for energy and growth, and some fatty acids are essential to life. Oily fish (salmon, trout, sardines, mackerel, etc.) and olive oil are highly recommended for your diet. Linseeds are a great source of flaxseed oil, but need to be ground before you eat them.

Take a supplement without researching into it first – There are many supplement powders and pills available nowadays and it seems like there’s a new one coming out every week. Some can really help your gain, but others will be a waste of money. Read and learn about different supplements and how anabolic effects in animals differ from humans and find out which are for you.

Drink alcohol – Many people drink lots of alcohol and expect progress when they work out. Alcohol adds huge amounts of sugar to your body, and also dehydrates you, and that is not good for exercise performance. Cut out alcohol from your lifestyle to a point where you only drink very occasionally.