ezTalks government video conferencing system upgrade introduction

ezTalks government video conferencing system upgrades and office automation system can achieve seamless integration, in line with national government standards, to achieve information sharing, give full play to the role of video conferencing systems and benefits. The use of advanced, mature technology, to achieve a smooth upgrade system. ezTalks will analyze the functions and functions of the videoconferencing system and other parts of the e-government platform and the video conferencing system.

First, the video conferencing system and other parts of the e-government platform interface

E-government platform is a comprehensive information platform, which combines office automation, video conferencing, video on demand, information release and other government applications as a whole, while the data bus scalable structure for other government applications provides a comprehensive interface, so that all applications Can be applied on a unified platform. Modular structure is the core framework of the entire system, each module can be used alone, the system is connected through the middleware. The video conferencing system, as an integral part of the e-government platform, is closely linked to the rest of the government system. The specific relationship is as follows:

Network platform interface: the network platform should be reserved for the video conferencing system enough bandwidth; network interconnection requirements, the city center and the center of the conference center with addressable IP address.

Management platform interface: for users through e-government system management video conferencing systems, such as conference booking, business management, conference records, account management, rights management, and information dissemination interface.

Resource platform interface: to provide video conferencing systems and government system multimedia database interactive interface, including the conference system video and audio data recording and playback tools, information record format definition, conference resource query and management interface, information exchange protocol.

Security platform interface: identity authentication interface, security access interface, security control interface, conference data encryption interface.

These platform interfaces must be designed along with the entire e-government platform to ensure system uniformity and integrity.

Second, the classification of video conferencing systems

The city has a number of districts, the city government has a number of directly under the department, and the central government and a number of cities directly under the information, a total of several hundred in the terminal. The system should be designed to fully consider the use of the scope of the expansion and the various departments in the use of the relative independence of the meeting, must be from the future development and overall planning point of view to consider, so the program design should be directly upgraded to multi-level The MCU conference mode, to build a hierarchical government video conferencing system, the system will be extended to the municipal government departments and district and county government departments and various government departments under the functional departments, the use of MCU as a central unit to build cascade conference system, constitute the system The main equipment is:

MCU: is the key equipment of the multi-point video conference system. It extracts the information and signaling of audio, video and data from the information flow from each conference site, and sends the information and signaling of each conference point. The same kind of processing module to complete the corresponding audio mixing or switching, video mixing or switching, data broadcasting and routing, timing and conference control process, and finally the meeting site required to re-combine the various information sent to the Corresponding terminal system equipment. MCU is located in the city center network center.

Conference terminal: From the product form point of view, the terminal system is divided into desktop conference terminal and conference room type conference terminal two categories. Desktop conference terminal low cost, easy to use and so on, suitable for personal office use and held a small meeting. Conference room type terminal equipped with high-quality zoom lens, high-fidelity, large-screen color TV or projection and other external auxiliary equipment, plus video pre-processing / post-processor, making the picture quality is more clear, to achieve better conference results, Suitable for large-scale meetings. Meeting room terminal for the conference room, several to dozens of participants in the environment. The broadcast terminal is a one-way receiving terminal, which can receive the picture and sound of the conference, but can not transmit the image and the sound. The broadcast terminal can be used in situations where only one-way transmission of information is required, such as higher-level communication policy. Mobile terminal is based on the desktop terminal, coupled with wireless access card and wireless transmitter, you can move in a certain area to join the meeting. The conference terminal is configured at the local conference site and the sub-venue in the video conference.

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