Lose weight using Keto diet easily

All you need to do is hold your breath, dive in and relax- you’re in ketosis. As simple as that. Keto diet isn’t a phenomenon as it is made out to be these days. It’s a natural state your body enters when starved of carbs, called ketosis. Pretty scientific too. We recommend weight loss Keto diet Bangalore to help you out with your diet plan.

There is no need to drive yourself crazy with all that information out there. The following steps will help you reach ketosis even before you know it.

  1. Cut down your carbs

Your total intake of carbs should amount only to about 5% of your daily intake. Calculate the weight in grams of the food you’re going to consume and make sure carbs don’t reach more than 5% of it. Generally speaking, it should be around 25g a day.

  1. Calculate your protein

Your protein intake a day should be lesser than .8g a day per pound of your lean body mass. Increasing protein intake will lead to simply delaying your ketosis, even if reached, will keep your ketosis to a bare minimum level.

  1. Binge on fat

Your body when in ketosis starts to crave for carbs, feed on Fat instead. It is the primary source of your body’s energy. Do not worry, because it’s fat, starving your body of it will not help you lose weight.

  1. Don’t be a camel

Drink at least 4 litres of water a day. It is the primary source for your organs to flush out extra fat and maintain it’s vitality. It also keeps you hydrated enough to keep those hunger pangs away.

  1. No munching all day 

When there is a constant supply of food, insulin levels keep spiking, leading to a halt in Weight loss. Even though temporary it will set a pattern and delay your weight loss

  1. Fast for quick results

Jerking your body into ketosis will quicken the weight loss pattern to set in. It can be done by fasting, which increases ketone levels in your liver. A diet plan needs to be worked out for this.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercising adds to the effects by increasing your body’s metabolism. It also increases blood flow and makes sure all organs get their dose of high oxygen supply and regulate blood sugar levels.

  1. Supplement your diet

If you think your diet lacks in some of the nutrients, you can always take supplements. Consulting an expert before this step is advisable.