What Results Bodybuilders Can Expect From Sustanon Cycle?

Sustanon is a popular sports community anabolic steroid, which increases testosterone levels. It is a performance enhancer, which aromatizes less in comparison to other testosterone-based supplements. The possibility of estrogenic side effects is cut down, due to less water retention.

Sustanon is formulated smartly with four esters for speedy, but extended testosterone release. Esters stretch the drug’s half-life. Medical supervision is essential for any kind of hormone therapy. Steroids need a prescription to buy them, but its use is banned in the sports arena.

Why bodybuilders use Sustanon?

Due to high competition, athletes and bodybuilders try to seek testosterone injections illegally for enhancing their performance. Sustanon is associated with decrease or removal of pain, while performing heavy activities. It even enhances the production of red blood cells, which promotes oxygen transportation all through the body. Thus, there is an increase in energy. Muscle gain obtained are of good quality.

Actually, the motor neurons number in skeletal muscles increases, which enhance the neuromuscular transmission. Besides lean muscle mass gains and energy the results from this mixture of testosterone includes stamina and endurance.

Bodybuilders provide guidance and information with respect to stacking and cycling using Sustanon. However, the result depends on intensity, frequency, duration, and type of workouts conducted, at the gym. You will discover that frequency and dosage recommendation of Sustanon injection is a little higher than prescribed by doctors to hypogonadism patients.

Ideally, average male athletes use 250-500mg of Sustanon every week but veteran users prefer maximum weekly dosage of 2000mg+ for huge muscle gain. The dosage is extremely high, so can cause alarming side effects.

Side effects versus results

It is wise to evaluate the possibly side issues carefully, while using any kind of testosterone. Bodybuilders can expect great results from their workouts because Sustanon boosts fat burning and muscle growth, simultaneously in their body.

Estrogenic effects get produced because of increase in T-levels. Excess water retention offers the ‘puffy’ look. An excessive RBC level enhances circulatory system’s oxygen deliver capacity. However, the down side is that increase in RBC can contribute to lung clots, blood clots and stroke.

Other side effects include acne, nausea, itching, mood swings, roid rage, and priapism in male. Women can suffer from masculinisation.

While planning Sustanon cycle, athletes need to give emphasis to on-cycle support to avoid side effects. In addition, use post cycle therapy to regain pre-cycle testosterone levels.