Things You Need to Do When Choosing a Lawyer

Finding the right lawyer during an employment dispute is very important. It means the difference between getting a fair compensation and losing your job, being harassed or receiving unfair wages. There are several lawyers out three who claim to offer the best services. This is not often the case. Here are helpful tips you can use to choose a good lawyer.

Look for Referrals

Talk to friends, relatives and workmates who have worked with a lawyer before for possible recommendations. Someone who succeeded will be more than willing to recommend his or her lawyer to you. If you cannot find recommendations from friends or relatives, reach out to other lawyers. Most lawyers know each other and can recommend someone they think is more suited to handle your case.


Research to see what people say about the lawyer online. You can look at the Better Business Bureau, Avvo and Angie’s List for quality reviews. You can also go to the state’s bar website to verify the lawyer’s membership. The state bar will give you the lawyer’s contact information, county, bar number, website, practice areas, date of admission, undergraduate law school and status history. You can also explore the lawyer’s website. Read his bio and find out what he has done. Look at his publications and speaking engagements to help you evaluate whether he is knowledgeable enough to handle your case.


You need someone who has a lot of experience in handling employment-related cases. Make sure the lawyer you choose has done many cases involving the specific claim you have. A specialized lawyer is in a better position to handle your claim than someone who works on all cases he gets.

Consider the Lawyer’s Credentials

Someone who aspires to become a lawyer in Charlotte should pass through an intensive training program in an accredited law school. He must also prove beyond any reasonable doubts that he has the right temperament to handle legal issues. Make sure the lawyer you choose has the right credentials before you make any deal.

Schedule Interviews and Ask the Right Questions

You need to secure an appointment with at least two Charlotte, North Carolina employment law attorneys you think can do the job well. An interview gives you the perfect platform to ask questions and confirm your doubts about the lawyer. Before you go for the interview, ensure you prepare a list of questions. For instance, you might want to know the number of cases he has taken to trial and whether he will work on your claim alone. You might also want to know about the strengths and weaknesses of the case, the different approaches he will take to win and how long it will take for the court to issue a verdict.

The Bottom Line

You need a lawyer who can ensure you get the right compensation for unfair termination, poor salary, workplace abuse or retaliation. The tips discussed above will help you filter through the list of employment lawyers and get someone who matches your needs and delivers according to your expectations.