Using light to illuminate your bathroom

Vanity lights are lights installed above or alongside a mirror. Mirrors are usually found in the bathroom and bedroom. The bathroom is one of the few rooms where you are encouraged to lock yourself inside. It is a private space that needs proper lighting to turn it into a luxurious sanctuary. Having quality and stylish lights will suit your decor while helping to create a soothing environment.

Most people light every other room and forget the bathroom. You will find most bathrooms are dark and do not have a pleasant appeal. However, with the right lighting, you can transform your dull bathroom into a sparkling one.

Bathrooms require functional and practical lighting solutions. Since the bathroom is mainly used for grooming purposes, the lighting should be just right. If the light is too little, you will not see what you are doing clearly. If the light is too much, there will be glare issues especially if the lighting fixtures are poorly placed. However, with all these technicalities, you need to have beautiful lights that match the decor.

To get the best bathroom atmosphere, there are four types of light that you need to have. They include the following:

Task lighting through the use ofa vanity light

Task lighting is used on surfaces you use to see your reflection in mirrors. The best place to put lights is at the sides of the mirror. It will provide shadowless illumination creating the best scenario for shaving, makeup application, and other grooming needs. It is not advisable to add lights above the mirror as it will cast a shadow giving you problems when grooming.

Accent lighting

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For those who enjoy having art in the bathroom, you will need accent lighting. Accent lighting will help bring out the best features of your artwork. You can have recessed directional lights that will help give a focused illumination of each piece of art.

Decorative lighting

Decorative lighting brings out the sparkle in the bathroom. They highlight the best features in the bathroom. You can use a single pendant if you have a square shaped bathroom.

Ambient lights

Ambient light acts as filler lights. If your bathroom has tall ceilings, the light fixtures can be installed along the space perimeter. There are some light fixtures that act as both ambient and decorative lights. They include having a pendant fixture that has a translucent shade.

You can use large mirrors to reflect light evenly to give the best effect. Lighting your bathroom will make it look bigger and feel like the sanctuary it is supposed to be. Having a vanity light in your bathroom will make you have an easier time grooming yourself to achieve perfect results.